Kilrogg was an extremely straight forward fight. It stood very similar to the fight mechanics of Heroic, but with the obvious expectation of the lack of ability to make mistakes that you can get away with on Heroic mode. Not too many complaints on the fight from us. I can say though that I was extremely satisfied with this kill and how much the roster has grown in the last few weeks.

With the first five raid bosses on farm, it leaves the next hurdle ahead of us ready to be tackled. There's wide spread word that Mythic Gorefiend is a good test of guild's fervor to work together and progress further through the instance and this is a welcome challenge that we look forward to conquering!

We are still actively seeking more talented players to help round out our raid roster! Immediate needs are located to the right, but even if your class is not listed, feel free to apply anyway! We are looking to maintain a competitive raid roster and environment, especially considering we only raid 9 hours a week! Ideal applicants should be both patient, but hungry to help push the guild into the top 100 US rankings again, especially as a late night guild on a three night a week raid schedule!

This was an extremely enjoyable encounter, especially for an early raid boss fight! Where Heroic had boss damage mechanics that barely tickled raid members health pools and DPS mechanics that hardly required anything cutting edge regarding DPS numbers, Mythic proved the contrary! The changes from Heroic to Mythic difficulty were quite appropriate allowing for some distinctive strategizing amongst our healers to keep us alive and people to not stand in "bad." Probably one of the most humorous mechanic changes for me is the one shot mechanic where you can tell a raider obviously is standing in the wrong spot, i.e. NOT with the raid group. I guess it's a surefire way to help weed out people that can't hang and perform for the long term of the guilds goals.

Ideal applicants should be able to:

Put out relevant DPS / HPS for their gear / class.
Not stand in "bad."
Pay attention to raid strategy and follow where their told to go.

Wait... That's all normal end game raiding expectations, but I digress and say it all in jest. (Hey I rhymed!) On a serious note, our actual expectations are listed in our "About Us" and "Recruitment" section, so be sure to check those out before applying since our ideal applicant would fall under those expectations!

Waves... Waves... Did I say waves? (I think there's a trend here with these mechanics in this raid instance...) Anyway, unlike Iron Reaver, this was a great kill and a well rounded boss encounter. Something worth noting is that we have picked up steam and killed this boss successfully within a reset of our last kill, building a trend of killing a new boss per week. Obviously we'd like to see more bosses down, but considering our humble return to end game raiding this expansion, this is quite the success!

We are seeking talented individuals that feel that they can compete with and help carry our roster and guild to new heights alongside the great players we already have! Feel free to apply regardless of our immediate needs since we are striving to maintain a competitive roster that will allow us to push back into the top 100 US!

Bombs... Bombs... Did I say bombs? Not much really to say about this boss. It was the typical "DPS that, don't stand there or you'll die, STOP BEING F&$#*G STUPID!" Mechanics. It also took us a bit longer than desirable to kill between our prompt Mythic Hellfire Assault kill right after Archimonde, BUT we have progressed in the realm and US rankings with this kill and have steadily improved with each successive kill, both as a group and ranking wise, so we'll take it!

As always, we are seeking more talented players that desire to compete at a top US level, on a light schedule, during the late night and early morning hours!

It seems as though our biggest hurdle with this raid thus far was picking up a few key players that could play the classes that we needed which we ended up doing this past week when we killed Heroic Archimonde. This allowed other players to be relieved of certain roles and pick up other classes that we severely needed and ended up helping round out our roster a little more for Mythics.

We opted to clear Heroics again this week and did so in a days time with a quick kill of Heroic Archimonde as well. The following day we made our way into Mythics and downed Mythic Hellfire Assault reasonably quick. Now that we have made our mark in the Mythic territory of the raid, we are looking to push forward hard and fast and catch back up to where we should be and finally finish out this raid before Legion!

If you think you have what it takes to compete with the best of us and want to raid with a uniqute late night guild on a strict 9 hour / 3 day a week raid schedule, we're the place for you! As always, immediate recruitment needs are posted on the right, otherwise we're constantly seeking exceptional talent as we want to be heavy competitors on the continent scale, especially for late night raiding!

Realm Rank 91
Region Rank 1252
World Rank 4783
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