It seems as though our biggest hurdle with this raid thus far was picking up a few key players that could play the classes that we needed which we ended up doing this past week when we killed Heroic Archimonde. This allowed other players to be relieved of certain roles and pick up other classes that we severely needed and ended up helping round out our roster a little more for Mythics.

We opted to clear Heroics again this week and did so in a days time with a quick kill of Heroic Archimonde as well. The following day we made our way into Mythics and downed Mythic Hellfire Assault reasonably quick. Now that we have made our mark in the Mythic territory of the raid, we are looking to push forward hard and fast and catch back up to where we should be and finally finish out this raid before Legion!

If you think you have what it takes to compete with the best of us and want to raid with a uniqute late night guild on a strict 9 hour / 3 day a week raid schedule, we're the place for you! As always, immediate recruitment needs are posted on the right, otherwise we're constantly seeking exceptional talent as we want to be heavy competitors on the continent scale, especially for late night raiding!

Now that the dust has seemingly settled, we finally achieved an extremely belated Heroic Archimonde kill! It was quite the achievement for a fairly fresh roster, especially after a series of phase 4 and 500k HP heart breaking wipes.

As far as the details go... Most know that we transferred from our old home server of the last 10+ years, Eonar in favor of Sargeras during April of this year for the sake of a better environment, recruitment pool, etc. Eonar was unfortunately breathing it's last dying breath, which made recruitment for one of the last few progression late night guilds in the US incredibly difficult thus a key reason for us leaving. Prior to the transfer we were debating between Sargeras and Stormrage. Both are two of the top US Alliance servers, but at the time they offered two key differences. If we went to Stormrage we'd have to recruit 1/4 of a mythic roster and it would put Mythic Blackrock Foundry progression for us on hold. If we came to Sargeras we had the opportunity to absorb a guild and move forward with the best of both groups. We opted for the latter for obvious reasons. Unfortunately after clearing 5/10 Mythic BRF and having some heartbreaking 200k health wipes on Mythic Imperator the officers of the guild we absorbed decided to up and ninja quit the guild without telling anyone including their own guild members that they came over with. Since there was a handful of them it put us into a position similar to what we were in prior to transferring.

Luckily enough we ended up absorbing another less progressed guild and have continued doing progression since then. Sadly we have been struggling between having some lack luster players and my own attendance issues due to the real life job hunt in the gaming industry amongst other things. With all of that aside, progression isn't exactly where I or anyone else that's been with me for the long haul would like to see it.

The upside is that we are more situated now than we have been in the last few weeks and we have quite the diverse and loyal crew of players. The main stipulation to the matter is that we are looking for key players and classes to really round out and clean up our roster. We only raid 9 hours a week, 3 nights a week and we never extend. If the unique late night times and strict time frame interest you then we might be the place for you. Mind you we are looking to cut the fat from our roster and push as hard as we did when we were raiding 25 hours a week back in the day, so our ideal applicants are ones that are patient with this process, but also hungry enough to push content hard and make something great of an amazing guild with an amazing history with a light raid time frame!

Now, onward to Mythics and preparations for 7.0!

We made short work of Flamebender Ka'graz with today being our first day on the encounter and killing her within 8 attempts, I'd say this was our quickest progression kill to date. Not really much to say here besides the fact that there is tons of fire in the fight (lol) and now we're 5/10 Mythic in Blackrock Foundry! We're headed back now to finish of Mythic Imperator to obtain our Cutting Edge achievement before the new tier, especially with so few guilds finishing off that boss and the Highmaul raid over all on Mythic difficulty.

As always we're seeking exceptional players and our recruitment needs are up to date to the right of this post!

Hans and Franz Taken Down!

IndoFear a posted Apr 27, 15

It's been a fun couple of weeks since we've transferred to Sargeras! We've come across plenty of old and new faces alike, both from our old server, Eonar and elsewhere. In light of this, Sargeras is like a home away from home for us and we appreciate the warm welcome everyone has given us!

To top this off, since transferring to Sargeras on April 15th, 2015 and killing Gruul that day, we also downed Oregorger a few days later and just claimed a kill on Hans'gar and Franzok tonight putting us to 4/10 Mythic in Blackrock Foundry! We are also looking to go back to Highmaul and finish off that raid, hoping to achieve the Cutting Edge: Imperator's Fall on Imperator before the new tier goes out while still finishing up Blackrock Foundry!

If this is something that interests you, you're a late night player like ourselves and have a desire and capability to help the guild clear end game content while relevant, we want you! Be sure to check the recruitment needs to the right of the website as they are constantly kept up to date and everything is set to high need as there are especially a few classes we do not currently have!

So we ended up making one of the toughest decisions we've had to make as a guild the other day. The cause of this was running into a few issues, namely having roughly half our raid roster disappear or not be able to play WoW consistently anymore as well as the steady decline of our home server, Eonar. The fact that Eonar was steadily not becoming a habitable server for guilds in general, much less our unique late night raiding guild while adding in a few other factors has been incredibly unfortunate. These issues forced us into a situation where we had to decide if we just wanted to quit the game completely, or transfer servers and take advantage of a more thriving server community to help better serve our recruitment needs as well as the needs for the players that wanted to actively play outside of our short raid times and so forth.

Fortunately we were met with an opportunity shortly after having to face choosing one of these decisions where if we transferred to Sargeras, we could absorb another late night guild called <Inactive> with similar progress and in our same situation to continue our raiding endeavors and push to clear content on a light schedule while still obtaining high ranked kills. With the other choices in hand, and the fact that if we transferred to another server, we'd still have to recruit a good amount before continuing raiding, we chose the most obvious and healthiest decision we could make, thus leaving our home server of 10 years for Sargeras.

Initially myself and our leadership core were under the assumption we wouldn't raid Wednesday, because we would have to facilitate getting everything in order, i.e getting people switched over to <Second Attempt> whether it be through server transfer or a guild switch, as well as organizing other things such as the guild bank and other more guild structured adjustments. Because of this, I as well as a handful of others were surprised to find that as we logged on later in the evening around what is our normal raid time, a majority of people wanted to jump right in and raid as <Second Attempt> and down a few Mythic bosses which in turn got a guild first Mythic Gruul kill!

We definitely turned a huge negative into a huge positive, as well as being faced with many positive surprises, and I can't wait to see what else is in store for Second Attempt! As always we're looking to progress at a high US competitive level on our extremely light schedule while also doing this during our late night raid times. We have made a slight adjustment and are raiding from 12:30am EST to 3:30am EST Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday now instead of our former 12am-3am EST times also.

If you think you have what it takes to be a part of us and want to help be part of a cohesive group that looks to be a competitor yet again on the US level, especially on a late night schedule, we might be the place for you! Feel free to toss in an application! As for the Sargeras community, thank you for warmly welcoming us to your server and we look forward to being another positive contributor to the community!

Realm Rank 48
Region Rank 735
World Rank 2576
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hey where is the new boss kill? !?!?! i want to see us
Onward to Mythics!
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